Strategic Services

Whether you’re launching a new product, entering a new market, or getting ready to scale the business, I can provide a framework to transform the ambiguity into an actionable plan with measurable milestones. Let’s partner to tackle your most important business issues!

Here are Services We Offerings

Business Planning and Execution


  • Market segmentation and sizing
  • Capacity planning & forecasting
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Org and OKR design

Challenges Solved

  • How do I plan for starting a new business?
  • How much resource do I need to start a business?
  • How do I enter a new (overseas) market?

Ideal For

  • Startups looking to estimate runway
  • Startups looking to raise funding
  • Enterprises looking to set up new business lines

Operations Transformation


  • Processes audit and optimization
  • Data & interoperability audit
  • Collaboration protocols design
  • Performance analysis and remedy

Challenges Solved

  • How do I reduce the turn-around time?
  • How do I improve cross-functional collaborations?
  • How do I elevate teams’ accountability?

Ideal For

  • Capacity expansion without adding significant headcount
  • Startups looking to scale for the next stage
  • Enterprises looking to improve customer experience

Product Go-To-Market


  • Positioning and messaging
  • Customer feedbacks synthesis
  • Product acceptance validation
  • Product-market fit

Challenges Solved

  • How do I know if the product needs major changes?
  • How do I cut through the noises and know if customer really likes the product?
  • How do I prioritize features?

Ideal For

  • Org with newly launched product
  • Orgs looking to improve product acceptance
  • Startups looking to pivot

Revenue Operations


  • Sales methodology & process
  • Pipeline management
  • GTM rules of engagement
  • Deal desk leadership

Challenges Solved

  • How do I improve my lead conversion rate?
  • My order-to-cash process is broken.
  • My GTM tech stack consists too many scattered tools.

Ideal For

  • Startups preparing to enter next phase of growth
  • Orgs looking to improve lead and opportunity conversion.
  • Orgs looking to improve visibility of selling performance

3 Ways to Partner

Fractional Strategy& Ops Leadership

Hire an interim leader to build a strategic plan and align the functions under it. Recommended for companies not yet ready to hire an executive but want to build the foundation of operations.

Project Based

Engage a hands-on operator as extension of your team. Recommended for orgs who want to solve a focused problem but lacks the resource or expertise.

1:1 Advisory

Provide guidance on building a compelling resume, assessing an opportunity, as well as aligning your aspirations with your career

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