Transformed the sales operations of a leading conversational AI software company and accelerated customer onboarding by 5X.

Key Challenges

  • The company’s after-close processes are prone to delays, resulting in a typical deployment cycle of two months.
  • The marketing and sales team can’t collaborate effectively due to data and process compatibility.
  • Key stakeholders were unfamiliar with the fast turn-around required by SaaS products
Key Challenges 96%


  • Cut customers’ wait time before onboarding to 1/5.
  • Established a set of communication protocols among customer-facing teams and greatly improved collaborations.
  • Set the foundation for the company to transform into a truly SaaS company in conversational AI software space.
Result 100%

My Solution

  • Partnered with EVP to evangelize stakeholders on the vision of a frictionless customer buying and onboarding experience.
  • Implemented key cross-functional processes that improves information exchange and accountability of participating teams, while clarifying responsibilities and data ownership.
  • Demonstrated the improvement of customer satisfaction to stakeholders to win their support of the transformation.
My Solution 96%
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