Leveraged analytics and insight to drive the closing of a $10M deal with an enterprise customer.

Key Challenges

  • A large enterprise customer requires customization of the software product before awarding us a $10M contract. 
  • There was a disagreement among company executives regarding the customization, putting the project to a halt.
  • Decision rules on future customization requests needs to be established.
Key Challenges 96%


  • Successfully closed the deal, generating $10M revenue.
  • Developed framework to generate key messages for sales pitch.
  • Created long-lasting solution for future customizations that minimize the disruption to the existing development schedule.
Result 100%

My Solution

  • Validated the project’s viability through in-depth analysis of the customer’s purchase decision drivers, arrived at the decision to support customization.
  • Aligned Sales, Engineer and Product leaders under short-term and long-term priorities; secured resources to support the customization and sales engagement.
  • Partnered with VP of Product to develop a product platform strategy, allowing future customization requests to be met with minimal development.
My Solution 96%
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