Developed frameworks to help a startup find its product-market fit and propel growth by 15X.

Key Challenges

  • A Series-A startup company was struggling to find the target market for its innovative robotics product.
  • Currently engaged customers showed strong interest but few of the opportunities converted into sales.
  • The company needs a systematic way to find its target market before it runs out of funding.
Key Challenges 96%


  • The company found its product-market fit.
  • Achieved a customer trial-to-buy conversation rate of 80%.
  • Company’s revenue grew 15x in the second year after the pivot, enabling the company to secure Series-B investments.
Result 100%

My Solution

  • Created detailed mapping of customers’ use cases; evaluated product’s fit with customer needs based on value and differentiation criteria.
  • Aligned the executive team on the decision the current segment is not a fit with the product; orchestrated the pivot to new customer segments.
  • Proposed a framework to validate product-market fit based on leading indicators, shortening the exploration time by 80%.


My Solution 96%
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