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Daniel Hu has nearly 20 years of experience in business strategy, product launch, and revenue operations. He is an experienced operations executive with an extensive background in new business launch, product validation, and business scaling for early stage and Fortune 500 companies. He has led high-performing teams to propel Series-A companies to Pre-IPO unicorns.

As a diversity and inclusion advocate, Daniel led advisory boards at A2C academy and MJAA groups.

Our Values

We are focused on creating measurable values for our clients. We work with clients to establish a structured thinking about the strategic issues they face and clarify their strategic options. Our aim is to create a learning experience that help grow the clients’ organizations.

We Care

We feel the issue and pain our clients experience, and are passionate about solving them in partnership.


We adopt a growth mindset to test and learn, to continuously improve ourselves for our clients.


We want to understand why things work or don’t work. With curiosity, we dive into details to solving problems while keeping the big picture in mind.


We strive to develop solutions that create measurable value for our clients and their clients.

Great work begins with a conversation

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